Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No Attention !!

Some people should really be left alone for a while because we are tired of watching them and their absolute and utter nonsense on television.

First of all it itches in my ass when I see SRK,Aamir,Akshay and salman craving for every bit of media attention and endorsing products like they really know about them. I wouldn’t call them “actors” because they have become hungry about earning more, gaining more attention and insult each other so as to make headlines on newspapers and television. I sometimes think that they just want to make people fool, sell gossip magazines. Wonder what their kids think of them. SO the no 1 in the hunger race is shahrukh khan. When he wasn’t a star he had a passion in him, the passion for acting but now he is more busy in showing off his injured arm to people or to deliver his silly prepared jokes on ramp or looking after his life’s “jeevan ki punji” the ipl team.ok enough of attention I have given to them…but dude, Abhay deol is going to rule on you people someday. You just wait and watch!!

Slumdog millionaire should not be given attention though I liked the movie but what the heck is it! The child actors rubina ali and azruddin ismail had gone to sonia gandhi’s house. Seems like those two are the only ones who had struggled in their lives and what’s damn funny and stupid is that the press reporters were asking them to sing jai ho. They must have sang for like 10 times for 10 different reports and we the people have to bear with such dimwit news , bad reporting and the yawning of azruddin ismail in front of camera.wow!!

Though I don’t know so much about politics but all I can say is that if Bjp comes into the throne then we have to bear the communal violence everyday and then the history of 1950 will be repeated so think twice before you give your vote to anyone and desperate people like “varun Gandhi” who crave for people’s reaction should not be considered as a citizen of India they are the new virus who are challenging the unity of India and its sovereignty

Shilpa Shetty thinks that the public is just a mad ass. When she gained popularity in Big Brother she didn’t leave any chance to showcase herself as a “bechari” Indian woman stuck with the firangs and we see her reporting to media like “jade needs to brush up her thoughts”,”I will never meet her” bla bla and when she comes back to India she becomes “the sadhuvi” by forgiving jade goody. We all know that’s shilpa’s trick to become a god in front of the media and when jade died she didn’t even go to see her as she claimed that “she was busy in IPL and endorsements ” wow what a lovely person you are shilpa…try being a real person for a second babe that would really help you in the future because being politically correct can sometimes be good but every time it shows how coward you are to say something of your own.