Saturday, May 10, 2008


The doctor came towards raju’s mother and looked at her benevolently. He never, ever in his profession felt so pathetic so uncomfortable to confess the ‘truth’. And then for a minute he was just staring at the lady who didn’t sleep for the entire day, who somehow managed to arrange the money for raju’s operation. The lady was still awake but dead from inside and then her eyes saw the doctor who was standing near her staring at the condition of a mother.
Raju’s mother- is everything all right doctor? How’s my raju?(She was pretending to be normal but from inside her fragile heart was beating hastily)
Mrs Sharma we tried all possible ways to…and then the doctor stopped.
Possible ways to? What doctor please tell me I have lost all my stamina now just tell me the truth….
Mrs Sharma your son is no more…

“what happened kavita(raju’s mother)why are your crying?
My raju…said kavita while crying.
What your raju? He is here only sleeping in his room. You must have seen a terrible dream. Sleep now. And then coming back to the world of reality kavita went to raju’s room and kissed her strongly…tears started to roll down from her beautiful eyes when she said softly “never leave me, my son never”…
They say that the truth is easy to speak…. but sometimes it’s beyond the courage of a human being to say or to accept the truth which can change the shape of one’s life…

i wrote this story in the evening as i wasn't aware that today is mother's day and when i got to know and read this post i was thrilled...coincidence isn't it?