Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I don’t know if anyone follows my blog but one friend of mine scrapped me on orkut and said “hey no updates on your blog” and felt like there is someone who cares. The reason why I wasn’t blogging was because I kept myself busy in writing a script for a 10 minute film. The story is of a sales-girl who discovers the other side of the people living in big complex and apartments and I learnt something about myself in my screenplay class that “I am actually a Lamb”. Dont think that I am self praising about myself but even if I am then what’s the harm in it. So it happened on the day when we six wannabe scriptwriters came up with different stories. I was overexcited about narrating my not one, but three stories and the other guy came up with a social drama. One guy reluctantly said he didn’t get time to think about any story and then I was trapped. I told my sir that I have three stories to tell and then the sir asked me if I can give one of my story to the “didn’t get time” guy and there I was left with a choice of YES or No and the over sensitive and moronic side of me chose “YES”. Yes because I didn’t want him to think that I am rude and above all yes because I cant say “NO” to people. So we were given the homework of writing the businesses of the characters in our stories and we met again next week. I narrated my story and the sir offered his ideas which could make my story very humourous. I liked his idea and then came the chance of the MR who casually accepted my story without being ashamed of the fact that it wasn’t his idea on which he was working. I was patiently listening to his scenes and discovered that the dumb guy actually copied the lines from my story and made it into screenplay. I was abusing him from inside for making my story, my idea look so crap. But I learnt a lesson from this class that in competition you have to be mean, you have to say no to people. It isn’t the world of lambs where you will be appreciated for helping someone it’s the world of lions where you will be patted behind your back for grabbing the meat earlier then the others.