Friday, March 21, 2008

my 1st attempt in writing short story....

In the beautiful evening, on a sandy beach and under the shade of tree there she was engrossed in the thoughts of the days filled with hilarity. it was the memoirs of her teenage which kept her engrossed .her beautiful eyes where showing the picture of her first love, her obsession towards life where everyday was joyous and full of life .

Her eyes were showing the memoirs of the days when she used to hangout with her mates on the busy street of kolkata. She used to eat pani puri with her friends. it was the day when they couldn’t resist laughing over that joke and then suddenly the eyes of her met with the other eye. it was the eye contact or was it the conversation through the eyes where silence was doing its work and lips were sealed. her eyes chose the one who is going to rule her heart. he the one who was mesmerized to see the beauty standing in front of him,in a simple dress with graceful look and that smile, that laugh of her distracted him from doing his work and then when his eyes saw the woman dressed in a red salwar suit holding the pani puri in the hands and chucking with her friends, he forgot everything for a moment.his pain,his tension,his job every damn thing was lost for a moment and when those eyes met with another there was the love at first sight. she went away from there and the story thus ended there. He, who was waiting for the girl to come again but it, was their final meeting. the girl never came back…….it was their love at first sight.

“Let’s go mom, what are you thinking?” her daughter shouted and tried to wake her up.

“Nothing let’s go”. She was now a woman, who had a beautiful family, a little daughter to look after and a caring husband who could give her the warmth and support. she went away from that beach and the memoirs of her love faded away because she was living in a present world. A world, which is moving with a great pace. A world where it takes a second to say, “I love you”…a world where the real romance is somehow getting blurred.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


before posting this poem which is close to my heart.i want to tell that i have learnt something from this life.don't take things for granted.the person you are with today,the thoughts you have for someone,may change for a second.time is god.time can change anything and everything.
and don't think that this poem is about me getting betrayed in love and seems like one,but this poem is all about when you expect something else from a person and the result is just the opposite...............................!!

There were days and nights were I was thinking how fortunate I was, to have you,
I was laughing on my own, talking to myself about how blessed and fortunate I was to have you, in my life
I made some promises, to keep you jovial throughout this life, because you were my life, my reason for the smile
There were days and nights when you had great amount of admiration in my life
But how brilliantly everything changed within 24 hours of time,
The next day something happened which was unprecedented and unbelievable for me
You raised the finger on me with the stain of deceiving you
But those hard words you said, reflected the thoughts you had for me
Those Words killed the admiration I had for you,
How can I believe that it was you the other day who were the reason of my smile
And it is now you who are the reason of my silent cries
The promises took a second to fade away from my fragile heart
Those words, changed my life, those promises took a second to fly
Time played brilliantly the game of life,
My heart became numb, hatred was to be loved, and I forgot the meaning of trust
You were the only reason of my smile
But time took a nice revenge from me and changed the path of my life

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Every damn thing is now overrated. When I want to watch TV then every news channel is showing sharukh khan.,I like sharukh but too much of everything is really not good.and this is in fact true that sharukh is more popular than our prime minister of India,manmohan singh. Forget about those saas bahu sagas they seems to be a never ending issue and the latest trend is reality show. this is soooooo overrated. Every damn channel is launching one or two reality show on singing talent. Let me tell you we don’t want so many singers in our country. :P and the worst thing about this reality show is playing with the emotions of people by creating lame publicity stunts.fuck..we need some break .well but that doesn’t mean tv is an idiot box.i love tv and I watch old shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,tu tu main main,alife laila :D.

Ok now time to talk about “love”. Love is so so so overrated. if you will meet any person the first thing they will ask you is “do you have any gf”?when you will visit anyone’s profile on orkut then there will be one emo pic sad, alone just because they didn’t get their love. There are so many things other than love. I mean love your friends, family and please don’t show off how sad your life is because no one gives a damn to your feeling in a virtual world like orkut.

Kareena-saif,chak de India,tare zameen par, reality shows ,SRK, love, all things are overrated.

Try something new and quit being involved in overrated things.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tired of riding the same old ride

Tired of wearing the false smile to hide my real face

Tired of walking through the same old lane

Tired of talking to oneself like an insane

Oh god! Hold me I am falling now

Help me I am pleading for some change now

Little change to bring back my old smile

The smile, which was lost somewhere in the web of the time

Time took away the smile

And gave away this usual old life,

Oh god! I am wishing for some miracle to happen in my exhausting life

Or waiting for some angel to step into my life

Pleading for the change

Asking for help

Hold me I am falling now.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Some sought of pain roused out of my soul

It wasn’t the pain in love

Neither was the pain of losing someone

It was the pain of loneliness

Yes it was the pain of being alone

Alone in the dark and under the little shade of inorganic things

I was living a life of solitude

I was now captivated to this usual life

Darkness became my friend and solitude my life

But the pain was still there inside

I forgot to prospect anything from this life

Solitude taught me to be within myself and within the darkness with the little beam of light,

Those little beam of light were the light of hopes,

Trying to eradicate the darkness from my life,

But darkness was everywhere,

Unaffected by the little beam of light.

Some amount of happiness was expected from this life

But solitude taught me to live a dark life……!!