Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our so called "good education system".

I know I am late to comment on the “scraping of board exam for class 10” from 2011.But then personal views on any topic are welcomed at any time. We still have something to say on Jinnah and Gandhi and Hitler and many others even though they are resting in peace. So let’s talk about the judgment made by the HRD minister of India MR.Kapil Sibbal on the need to reform the education system of India. Class 10 board exam of CBSE board will have grading system from 2010 and then the board exam will become optional from 2011. Hmm, well this decision has different notions on people’s mind. Those who have scored above 90 in boards even though before the board exam they were a mediocre students, they must have had a terrible heart attack after listening to this verdict. I was watching CNN-IBN and some so called “intelligent and hardworking students” were obviously disappointed with the fact that they cannot show their competitiveness in class 10.I mean why do we need to judge the student’s academic performance so early at the age of 15. This age of studying, playing, discovering your roots apart from academics not to sit with big fat book of R.D. Sharma for hours. Not to be a part of traumatizing experience at the age of 14 or 15. I believe studying should never be considered a burden for anyone. Especially when you hear so many students committing suicide after not getting the desired marks it really hurts (reminds me of the ad of airtel featuring saif and kareena, it hurts one). I think those who are willing to participate in this board exam should be given the freedom to do so and those are not should better concentrate on the exam taken in the school that are far more satisfying and non-bias then those stupid teachers who correct 100 to 200 papers a day depending on their mood whether they are going to give you marks or not. But then I am also disappointed that nothing is being done for the students of class 12 who feel far more traumatized and depressed because everyone wants to be in a good college and the cut off percentage in those colleges are very high and there are lack of good colleges in India. Why should “board” exam be given the only priority to judge the student’s academic performance and the worst of all is a student doesn’t really know how is his being checked and rely more on “who will be checking his paper” rather than being confident of his own performance. I, myself being a student hear such things like “I was expecting 71 in maths and got 91” so is this a correct platform to judge how academically brilliant a student is? Especially when this board phobia has caused so many suicidal feelings on students mind and colleges are relying only on this system to judge the student’s performance. The whole education system surely needs to be reformed and I think it is being given the attention by Mr Sibbal.I will be a part of this pathetic system of board exam next year and when I hear the cut off percentage of studying economics in St.Stephens College is 97% I would rather think of killing myself than studying in that college, who will take you even if you have 60% provided you are a son of some minister. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all successful people are college dropouts because they are not willing to lead a robotic life by studying throughout till their hair becomes grey and they feel contended working under some multi national companies in other countries just to lead a common life. The very idea of innovation is not given a damn all that matters is either high marks or the power of money in Indian education and yes the system of reservation where dalits or scheduled casts have become the hero of the colleges because the seats are “reserved for them”. So our education system apart from academics comprises of what cast you belong to, who is your father a neta or a hero, and how much money can you spend to be a part of good college.