Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ugly desires!

It feels great when you are back from hell. From those sleepless nights rolling here and there thinking about what will happen tomorrow and after continuous failures and rejection I got the big good news. I got the admission in a good school and when the news came out I just didn’t know how to react. It was because“good news” was something my ears were never accustomed of. But all’s well that ends well. I am now an expert when it comes to going off to various places for your admission and this is surely going to help me when I shall try for colleges. But everyone wants to be in a well known colleges and schools nowadays. What stupid life a teenager in India has and how ugly are his desires. Yes the ugly desires. As an average student you will just think of studying this and that and all that shit to pursue your ugly goals.
Now let me explain what these ugly desires are-
1. A student will put in his hard effort. Mug up the book. Lick every pages of it so as to score good marks.
2. If he succeeds then he will go into a good college.
3. Three years later he will be having a degree of this and that.
4. After that he will go to a foreign country to lead a better life.
5. The angrejis will make them work for hours and hours utilizing the Indian brain.

So these are the goals of every Indian nowadays. Flying off to good countries leaving their parents to rot in India and will make use of their nerdish life by serving for others.
None are concerned with politics or doing something different. It’s mandatory for every one to get a degree in his hand.
So don’t be a pappu and start thinking about reaching the place where no one has dreamt of. Try being Laxmi mittal and not an average middle class Indian.