Friday, March 5, 2010

Humara Bharat Mahan!

Gautam Iyer one of my online friend always asks “how is your blog going” whenever I don’t post anything new and then I feel like posting something over here because he actually made my blog sound like its an alive human being.
I have several questions in my mind regarding the security of our nation. Even after the classic attack on 26/11 we haven’t realized anything. Every bloody person says “I am proud to be an Indian” and every school student is made to learn the national anthem of the nation but if it continuous like this do you think so our nationality will sustain for long? Well our politicians have nothing else to do but play their favourite game of “blame game”. People like Raj Thackeray and others are polluting the entire nation by showing us the difference of caste. India’s secularism is under deep threat and in the mean while people from outside the country will take advantage of its growing disunity among its people and we will have to see our people die everyday. We have become “emotionless” now hearing people dying in terrorist attack or even the plane crash is something boring. The question which comes now is “Tell us something new”. I respect our home minister Mr P.Chidambaram but when he said “attack on Pune is not intelligence failure” made me laugh and pity at us and our poor condition. We pay huge taxes to make sure our nation is protected but what have we got in return in the past few years? Terrorist Attacks, Communal Violence, Unnecessary Strikes? I wonder what is it that America has and our nation does not? What is it that a person will think million times before doing any harm to America? If you know the answer please reply but look at our so called CBI and Intelligence Agency of our country. You will see huge and strict security forces on special occasion like 26 Jan, New Year Eve etc but on other days it will continue to be without any strict security forces. Even my common sense says that a clever enemy will never come and attack you when you are fully prepared, he will come and give you a surprise when you are asleep. And our country is asleep most of the days and when it is awaken it is dealing with its own problem of solving rape case, murder case, blaming on Pakistan for attacking India but not doing anything to tighten its security forces. Perhaps we should go and learn from our friendly nation America to give us some tips on how to tighten our security or the best option would be to hand over our nation to the terrorists so that they wont kill anyone innocently but will in return take away our nationality. Its better to follow the latter option because then our hopes will not deceive us, our hope in our governance to keep us safe and secure will die and we will stop living such lie of being protected from terror.