Monday, September 20, 2010

A personal note.

Looking back at the year that went by, a year of complete bliss where I didn’t have time for anything except for myself.
I would go to Kolkata Film Festival all alone, sit in a cinema hall filled with people who were crazy for “world cinema” and I got to see movies from Greece, Germany, Denmark and of course classic Indian Films of Bimal Roy. I used to watch three movies in a day, then go back to school the another day come back from school and I would hurriedly rush off towards the metro station to reach Nandan. The days were busy, and more importantly those were days of self-exploration. In between the break time, I would go to Starmark and read books. I met people who were amazed to see a young guy like me watching movies of world cinema. It was an exhilarating experience. This wouldn’t end here.
After the film festival got over, I became the member of BIG FLIX, which gave me exposure to parallel cinema of 70’s and some classic movies of Hollywood ranging from Hitchcock to Scorsese. It was like a dream world, where I didn’t have time for anything but to discover myself.
But then the twist came and I had to compensate for good times. This year was really tough, ranging from emotional trauma due to family problems and then the excessive burden of studies. Now, I have to follow the regular norms of life – of waking up at 6, getting ready for school, coming home, taking my nap and waking up to get ready for tuition. In between my journey I relax myself by listening to music and surfing net on my mobile. Time has taught me to be tough and face the life. It’s not easy, but then sometimes discipline has to be inculcated in life for better future. I am giving satisfaction to myself by saying “only for 6 months” though every day is like 6000 minutes. The unbearable part is my own personal computer got ruined up and I am waiting for October to come fast, where 50% of my luxuries will be back. :D. My new pc with internet connection: D.
Sometimes we just cant follow whatever we want to, because to lead a better life you have to screw yourself. With patience and perseverance everything can be achieved. I am happy after writing this, I attain such peace of mind. True, nothing is better than the life of a creative person.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Common-Wealth Games are "in news", and it makes you absolutely ludicrous to watch the condition of the country. Aah, let's go to the flashback. 2004 - Where bollywood stars came for 5 minutes, danced around, in full enthusiasm calling everyone to "Delhi" for the next common-wealth games.

Cut to at present, where you hardly get to see any enthusiasm from anyone. Sports personalities are failing to clear the drug dope case and yes the system of the country is at its best satire. I hope Anusha Rizvi is reading this. Her next film can expose the hypocrisy of the "wealth-common-games"

It’s amusing to see Sheila Dixit keeping mum about everything. Media is after the government from day 1 for its irregularities in meeting up the exact date to finish off the work. As reports are to be believed still some of the works are pending. Delhities must be suffering a lot.

The other harsh reality of this sad situation is that the army of the country is "supposed to be serving for free" and the Oscar winning music composer A.R. Rehman is being paid 5 crores for 5 minute song. (Ah, it hurts). The song is being criticized too. The very beginning of the event has created such commotion that no one will get peace until the event is finally over.

Let’s not talk about corruption charges again and again. Accept the fact, that it’s a "major" part of the system. Organizers are filling their pockets, while the army is made to serve for free.

I was wondering that does this problem exist in every nation before hosting a major event? Or is it india who is having a serious heart disease after trying its level best to suck out everything possible in way of making money through this "game". Certainly it’s a common-wealth-game, which ensures corruption, injustices, lies and umm games? Swanand Kirkire should be thanked for writing the lyrics of "Desh Mera Angrezi Babu". Till then, just wait and watch.More to come. Afterall, "Atiti Devo Bhav" is what india believes in.Hahah!