Saturday, July 12, 2008

You know you are growing now?

“You are growing sourav”,says my heart. Few things have stopped to occur. You don’t cry anymore, you heart is not fragile anymore. You tend to become nostalgic when you are tired of living in the present world. You run away from people when you see their perceptions differ from yours and sometimes you know what you say, “life is beautiful”

And sometimes your heart searches for someone to have a wonderful conversation about the world in which you live. You don’t long for things now. You are just walking in a path whose way is still unknown to you, you don’t know which way to move, you are changing, your thoughts are building now, you know who is right who is wrong, you have stopped to care about people now, you are trapped in a world where you laughter could only be heard, your silent cries matters and you think your agony is unbearable.

You sometimes get perplexed about a particular view; you are now entering the phase of life where there is a bed of roses and also the road full of thorns where you have to walk with your naked feet. It will hurt, definitely it will but that’s what you are destined to do in this life.

Gone all the days where everything was just beautiful and serene,

Your winsome smile has been taken away from the time,

Your innocent tears are not with you anymore..

Your feet is filled with blood due to thorns now

You are growing now…