Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well you must have heard a lot of time from your friends or read it somewhere that this so called “world” is about to end this year. One of my friend always says that Newton predicted that the world would end this year. But nothing happens you know. I don’t know when this world will end but I want to live my life the fullest .I mean I have to do so many things before I will die. I wan to travel this beautiful world, I want to learn Portuguese, I want to earn handsome money, don’t talk about marriage because I am sacred of commitment. So many things to do in this beautiful life but when you hear such things like in 2012 only this world will end I don’t know how true is that. Only time could tell us about it but for a minute all of your dreams are shattered and then what I do is I watch history channel : D which shows about how we will die…it’s so scary when you see the universe and those asteroids moving here and there bwahahaha…..and you know what asteroids were only responsible for the end of the dinosaurs so how we all will die…I guess I am scaring you but forget it!

I don’t know when this world will end but another friend of mine who says that according to Jainism after this world will end then everything will end in this earth and then we humans will be reborn again but our size will be that of a rabbit or a rat and the scariest part is yet to come. We will live under the land just like rabbit lives and we will not have brain to think mentally our brain will be like that of an animal and guess what we humans or should I say we half humans half animals will then eat each other. the temperature of the land would be 200 degree Celsius at summer that’s why we will live under the land. I guess you must be scared after reading this as I was after hearing this thing…god knows what future will be!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

meeting with the past.......

As the bus stopped at the vip road. Seema took the bus and sat at a comfortable place beside an old lady who was sleeping in an exhausting manner. She sat there, kept her bag beside a little space and was pondering about how pace fully this one and half years have passed. How easily it took a second to had a break up with her boyfriend sameer.She was just being nostalgic and was drowned in the river of thoughts of those special days, the curiosity of being in love, talking on the phone at midnights, hanging out at cinema halls hand in hand staring at each other for hours. But now she is an independent girl whose work doesn’t allow her to indulge in any sort of relationship or a time to enjoy with her friends. As the bus was moving at high speed she came back to her present boring world, where hard work and money was her only ambition to make her family feel proud of her was the only goal left in her life and how drastically she has changed after her break up, how stupid she was to waste money for shopping and all, because she didn’t earned at that point of time but now she understands, values and respect the every single penny she earns. It was indeed a hot evening and every single person in the bus was sweating or sleeping due to such traffic jam and when the bus reached the dumdum park then a guy dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans took the bus and sat beside seema in a window seat. That guy was none other then his ex boyfriend sameer. Unfortunately sameer was too busy to have a look on people in the bus. But after seeing her same old boyfriend, Seema tried to hide her face so as to ignore the boy who was his only desire in life at some point of life. The cell phone of sameer was ringing and he picked it up in a clumsy manner.

Sameer- “hello, sweetheart I am about to reach there”

Sameer-I am waiting to see your beautiful face honey” and then his eyes met with his past.he disconnected the phone and was feeling quite nervous and shocked.

Seema was shocked too. She didn’t imagine that her love can easily accept and adore any other girl rather than her. How effected she was, and how unaffected by his earlier relationship he was,

Hello seema.said sameer.

Hi.said seema.

So how’s life going? Asked sameer.

Just living with the memoirs of my love.

That sarcasm, echoed in sameer’s ears.

He felt so embarrassed that he was willing to leave the bus, but he didn’t.

Sameer was spellbound to see how beautiful seema was looking and seema on the other hand was ashamed to even recognize that promiscuous man.

After few minutes later they both left the bus at the same stop and in the same restaurant was sameer having a silent conversation with his new girlfriend radhika but his eyes were fixed on seema.

And alone there was seema working as a manager in that restaurant…