Wednesday, February 27, 2008

crap from my mind...

Bla bla bla. I am all fucked up because of my exams. So I thought I wont post any thing on blogger but I cant stay away from writing about various stuffs I guess. I was thinking about what topic to write about, but the best thing is to be real. Whatever crap is coming out of brain vomit it out and let people read it. if they will not like it then better luck next time, if they will like it than think that your crap talks are of some importance. Anyways this is my story about flies.(lol true story you see)

. yes yes I know they are the most irritating thing in this planet. You know they attack me on winter. When I have to switch off the fan and try to sleep then they come in-groups. So now the question arises is what they do in groups?

One of them will buzz around your ears, another one will attack your sweet legs : P and then they will not let you sleep. Finally you will get up in an annoying way. You will switch on the lights and they will disappear…they are just like bunty aur babli.fooling you is their job. Sucking your blood till you get intentionally exasperated and when you will think that now is the time to kill those bitches.then one thing will strike in your mind.

Some wise words.” don’t kill any living being. You will go to hell if you will kill them.”

So the best way to stay away from those flies is switch on the fan and sleep.

Thanks, for reading this crap.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Last two days of class 9....!

I woke up at 7 am and started getting ready for my school. I reached the school and discovered that very few people came today. As exams are knocking the door, so all were busy studying at home. The first two classes were damn boring. We played games like antankshari and many others so as to kill time. Then came the recess. At recess we all went mad and started giggling over stupid conversation. Then sachin (the brat of our class) started playing cricket with duster and daily record. We all save ourselves from getting hurt by the duster. Earlier he had aimed me and I was aware of the real pain of that fucking duster. He became so mad and started hitting us with duster that majority of people went out of the class so as not to get hurt from the duster. recess ended and the fun ended too. we attended the boring classes and went home.

Wednesday was the day I will never forget. It was the last day of our class and instead of giving good speech to us students our class teacher was teaching us. What the heck is this man? Class attendence was good as some of them had their physics practical so majority of them were present. We thought that this is the last day and we should have some fun and yes after 7th period we all went mad. We threw water on each other. Man it was awesome. Can’t describe the way we did it. And the cherry on the cake was “the rain”. Yes it started to rain and it was our pt class. We all went downstairs had a blast. some were busy playing “kabaddi” and I was busy throwing water at everyone and couple of them were getting wet in the rain ……it was the last day of class 9.class 9 which gave us the ultimate fun was about to get over. I was reacting like our school life is over….but class 9 was close to my heart and will always be....!

Friday, February 15, 2008


well when i started to blog.i thought that i will only discuss about some of my moments or my views on people and other things. i was not at all interested in poetry though i thought that it is very hard to try your hands on it.but guess what ! after posting some of the topics on various things like "marriages","my grandmother","tv show friends", i don't know what happened to me and then various sorts of poems started coming in my mind....and then i wrote 5 to 6 poems including 2 hindi poems too and now i read other's poem as well and now understand the feelings,the emotions which is portrayed behind "a poem".

Monday, February 11, 2008

ऑंखें मीली तोह....

जब वक़्त ने हम दोनों के रास्ते अलग कर दीये तोह ना चाहते हुए भी सामना हो ही गया

उस समय तुम कीसी और के जीनदगी के मोहताज थे तोह हम कीसी और के,

उस समय मानो ऐसा लगा जैसे बीता वक़्त हम दोनों के बीच का आइना बन बैठा हो

बीते बातों को भूलाकर और उस आइय्ने को नज़रंदाज़ करते हुए यह पैर आगे चल पड़ा और आखीरकर सामना हो ही गया ,

ऑंखें मीली तोह जैसे दील रुख ही गया और दुनीया को भूलकर, आज को भूलकर ,बस यह ऑंखें तुमपे टीकी हुई थी ,

उन आँखों को पड़कर मैंने जाना की प्यार जो हम दोनों के बीच था वो अभी भी उन आँखों में है कीन्तु वक़्त के अंधेरो ने हम

जपेत् कर उस जगह ला खडा कर दीया की रास्ते अलग हो गए और प्यार जो दुनीया के सामने था वोह दील में ही रह गया

Friday, February 1, 2008


In the beginning everything was okay,

I was like bounded by the happiness from all side,

God made my life better because I was with you,

Because I was with you I forgot everyone,

I lost myself and found you in my heart,

In my heart you stayed from then on,

From then on I dreamt of you and me,

I dreamt of staying with you forever

On a deserted island away from the hosh and posh of this city,

Away from those creatures who envied watching us,

But the reality is full of painful truth,

I realized that I was living in a fake world made by you,

And today you are with someone who maybe better than me,

Who may be better than me but you told me someday “I was the best for you”,

Someday and now today those air promises are disturbing my mind,

It’s good that I learnt something from this life,

Ignore those things, which aren’t true,

Ignore those people, who came and went like a guest,

Showing me the world of fake promises they made,

I ignored our relationship like it was our journey through a fake world,

But now I am living a real life and had enough of sweet lies.