Monday, August 17, 2009

"My name is celebirity Khan"

Well I am upset with this srk and his hypocrisy .I know I got no right to judge these celebrities but what I also know is that people are blindfolded by what they hear or read in the news so much that they don’t apply their so called “common-sense”. Shahrukh is one of the richest and famous celebrities of India who says he is actually “famous than tom cruise” and we all saw how famous he is in the west when he was being detained in the airport for 2 hours. Many people including shahrukh khan and his close friends found it offensive that a person like him is being asked such questions relating to the security of the nation. But according to me when it comes to the security of the nation no one should be left out even if he or she is the president of the nation. When these celebrities can indulge in rape case, cocaine smuggling etc who knows what they are upto. And the actor is claiming that he was asked to go through all these procedures just because his surname was “Khan”. I would ask Mr shahrukh khan to recall that moment when Emran Hasmi was proclaiming that he was not given a flat in mumbai and how he commented on it by saying that “I never felt alienated as a muslim” now where has his peaceful and noble thought gone? Perhaps gone with the wind. If tomorrow I am being asked about my identity in other nation no one will care if I claim I was asked because I belonged to this religion but when it is a celebrity and he is asked to do that he would certainly be offended because his star status is not given value in that situation and because his ego is hurt and because those fully professional security guards are not asking for his autograph.
We should also not forget that because the security in America is so strict post 9/11 the country is in no mood to give any special reference to anyone which had a good result as well. A terrorist would think twice before devising a plan to attack America.

It’s not India were you are a neta or a celebrity so things will be easy on you. So those who think that their ego is hurt by such things should realize that nothing comes before the security of the nation and its people.