Friday, August 8, 2008


In the hot summer of May, the children were coming out from the school in large numbers rushing out and talking loudly, the girls, over there in groups were giggling while their eyes were busy in peeping at the guys of the school who were standing in one corner and were buying the ice-cream. The small kids on the other hand, were going to their houses and their parents were holding their school bags for them. Indeed it was a hot day and everyone was sweating and there inside the bus was sitting a boy named Raman who was also somehow busy in observing at the condition of the people from his school, he was laughing at the ignorance of the people who insulted themselves by abusing each other, he was looking at the girls who were busy in chatting and giggling for no rimer reason, definitely he was considering himself to be the smartest of them all just because he knew how to behave on the road, or he had a control on his emotions and he was thinking that he was swimming in a pool full of fools.

Then he heard how some people on the bus were talking about the temperature of the day and some of them were fighting for the window seats. As the bus proceeded to move, then everyone came back to sit at their respective seats and Raman on the other hand was just observing. The sun seemed to have been shining just above the Raman’s head as he was also feeling the exasperation of the complete hotness that surrounded him.

But then when he peeped outside from his window, he saw something, which no one noticed. Everyone was just reacting normally but Raman’s heart captured to what his observant eyes had seen from the window of his seat. In extreme hotness of the day, there were the group of men working on the road and digging the earth for some reason and there he saw a guy whose body was filled with mud and dirt and sweat has covered his entire body. Raman’s heart for some reason felt like sympathizing with the condition with which they were suffering, He imagined that if only he could let them work under the air condition, but that was a kiddish thing to imagine and he could do nothing. He was just a mere teenager who could only sympathize with the pain and the suffering of those who are “unnoticed”. The bus moved on but still Raman was imagining that if he had been in the place of the workers then he would have hated everyone because of his cruel profession and no one would cared about his suffering, he would have been the so called “unnoticed” person.

Open your heart and realize that there are people in life who suffer from extreme pain and suffering then you, love them and sympathize with their pains. I know these all-philosophical words are just not meant to be practical in this world but sometimes you should let your heart to feel like what other’s feel. Sometimes you should also feel that how it feels to be an “unnoticed” person in real life.

Got the inspiration to write about this stuff when I was traveling on my school bus. Three times I saw them working and finally decided to pen down their extreme and bizarre condition .