Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Experience :BUS

Well I personally think that public bus is a great destination for a writer to ponder about what he would like to write about. You don’t have to stress upon the characters because the people around you in the bus are so unimaginably interesting that you would like to observe them continuously and it is so obvious in human nature to judge one person at first sight. So, today I caught the 221 no bus, which would take me to my home, and as I am not a regular bus traveler so I am not used to of catching the bus in a running speed. My friend rohit is a regular bus costumer and when the bus came he quickly climbed the stairs of the bus by running in such a weird manner and there was I, who was afraid that bus would go away and leave me alone and when rohit saw me climbing the stairs of the bus in a really unusual manner he busted off laughing and we two managed to get a fine seat but that too of the ladies seat. I don’t mind seating in any seat bus gosh the worst thing is you have to get up when one lady arrives. So rohit and I were laughing at people, its our day to day activity, our humor is seriously very much different from other people and so we laugh at each and every thing we see. So we made fun of people and his stop came and he went away. Now I have 45 minutes to pass on the bus so what else to do than to hear a song. I took out my I-pod from the bag and started arranging the headphone and all. So I was listening to the track of pink floyd and there beside me were two innocent children sitting quietly but one girl child was staring at me with her big round eyes that I was confused about which expression to make while she was staring. I laughed. And she must be thinking that I was making fun of her but I feel really weird and eventually I laugh when people look at me in such a bizarre manner that I feel that I am an alien or something. Other than that two weird children people in the bus many other people were really staring at me…so in the end one thing is clear that If you want attention of people take out your I-pod and big headphone plug it…and see the magic