Saturday, January 19, 2008

^blurry moments^

Some thoughts I would personally like to share,

Or maybe I would like to recall those reminiscences filled with joys and happiness with the absence of negativity in it.

The days I remember used to be as sunny as it is now but there was something more pleasant thing about it which is lacking now.

And I guess it is “ME” who has changed now but the days and nights are as same as they are now.

IT was me who used to play those pedo games, and it was also me who used to sleep early at nights and coming back to the present time it is again me who is busy tolerating those undigestable comments passed by the majority of morons and yes it is also me who is now capable of differentiating between the “rights and the “wrongs” .

But back to those golden old days of my childhood where everything was likes a dream.

The days were busy with sports no matter how good I played them or how many times I win and the nights were full of cartoon shows and kids stuff.

Small parties were celebrated with friends but there was a huge excitement beside the small parties which was an excuse to kill time.

I was ignorant of the powerful words such as “sex” and “love”.

Those are the moments which are not clear to me yet not ment to be forgotten.

Those are the “BLURRY MOMENTS” which is getting blurred as the days are passing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

my memories are enough to love you....

First our eyes met and then I went away

But that night my eyes were showing only you here and there

I was trying to include my heart in other things

But my eyes were showing only you

The second meeting was rather unfair

U ignored me like u don’t care

I felt disappointed that day

But when I went to sleep my eyes were showing only you

I felt for a second that u and me will make “US happy”

And then I saw a lucid dream

Where everyone was laughing at me just because I dare to love you

Just because I cared for u and just because my eyes chose only you?

I woke up and realized that I have other things to do

And then came the third meeting

I was aware of the fact that she was staring at me

And I went away in the fear of something I cant bare

The story ended there but my heart is still there

My heart is still there where I left you

My memories are enough to love you

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what the fuck? :X

things which really makes me wanna say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

the door bell……I think door bell is my enemy…whenever my mood is to chill ax and to enjoy by listening to all the sad,sentimental and slow songs my pc has…..then someone indecently keeps on ringing the bell…….fuck fuck fuck

and then I say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

after attending lots of boring class of physics,biology and chemistry I reach home and my head pains like hell….as if someone is dancing on my head and yes the heavy bag is on my shoulder…..i m tired I want to sleep I want to sleep (voices in my head) says so.

And when I reach home guess what happens mom says, "your sir came to teach you" change yr clothes and study

And then I say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

OK WHEN MY MOOD is to relax and watch a nice movie on the sofa …all I do is turn off the lights, keep the tv remote beside the pillow,then I lie on the sofa and cover myself with a warm blanket..and yes as u have already guessed something terrible happens to annoy me…the bloody phone rings……and I have to be pleasant on the phone by saying “hi hello””I m fine” stuffs like that……and after keeping the phone I say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

When my computer restarts automatically then it really annoys me,when someone says those cheap hindi slangs I feel like punching their face but I do know how to control my anger

In the end I control my anger by saying “WHAT THE FUCK”

Make sure that u don’t get addicted to this word after reading my post

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am crying but I don’t know for what

Maybe for the things I lost or harass comments I got

Tears are falling like the water falls in the lakes

But the reason for my crying is still a mystery

Maybe I m crying for the fact that I m missing someone

But who is that someone in my life who makes me wanna cry?

Is it the child who lost his home in an unexpected incident

Or is it the woman who lost her very own son?

But why am I crying for the person who is not in my life?

The answer I got was nothing

But I m crying for someone who is not known to me

I am crying and the tears are falling behind

But the answer is still a mystery which I cant find…!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Those eyes are like the mirror of one’s heart

Showing me something which is not visible to all

Showing me the truth which is trapped in the corner of one’s heart

Showing me the seduction which is filled in those eyes

Searching for someone to fulfill the need of that very gloomy eyes.

Looking at me to reply through eye to eye

I passed the silent smile and then left the rest of the things on the mirror of heart better known as eyes to reply....!