Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tinsel town i.e. the world of glam and fashion is actually a place of devastation from the point of view of conservative middle class Indians. I am not stereotyping anything but normally I don’t see parents pushing their child into the world of creativity. A child who sees the dream of making it big into the world of celluloid finds it difficult to get a rigid support. When a schoolboy is asked, “What do you wana become in life”? He says “an actor” and the other children mocks at him by saying, “go and see in the mirror how ugly you look” ah and that hurts and shatters his dream. If acting was all about looks then we wouldn’t have immensely talented people like rajnikant,nana patekar,irfaan khan and in females legends like smita patel,seema biswas and others. they created such magic on screen that completely contradicts the fact the acting is all about showcasing your facial beauty or six pack abs.Till now also I fight with people who compare miss “Katrina kaif” with rani mukherjee who ruled the bollywood for 11 years. Beauty fades with age but the talent remains with you forever that’s why we don’t see zeenat aman on screen and till now the magic of shaban azmi is conquering the hearts of the people who respect these talents. Coming back to the point where it is bit sad that school also does not promote creativity as much as it is expected to. I wish I could learn something about film making in my school but then we Indians are forced to walk in the path where everyone is expected to do the same old thing like M.B.A., C.A., BBA..

Its sad that one fears to say that “I wana become a fashion designer” specially for males because then your profession becomes your personal life and people start to spread rubbish like you are gay or if you are a model then you might have slept with so many people. Stereotypes have resulted in the denial of achieving something, which every individual desires for, and in a country like India where majority of people are from middle class families are forced to follow the same old life and live the life of common people.I hope some parents will change their perception after reading this post :D