Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I can’t really restrict myself from writing even though my board exams are running but what to do? Writing is an art which comes from the heart and you really feel incomplete when you don’t pen down something. There are several topics which I would like to talk about like, the existence of god, the hypocrite celebrities, the new trend of making fun of homosexuals on award functions ,the degrade and cheap reality shows and emotional attyachar on students on board exam.
But what really disturbs me is that when your so called “pseudo-intellectual” history teacher says rubbish in front of your students. It was one day which I can never forget and would not want to as well. We had a class discussion on co-education school and boys/girls school and my history teacher showed her extra smartness by commenting that “if you go to anyone he will say that co-ed school is better” well yes, I also prefer a co-ed school because it gives the sense of equality between a boy and a girl but what really stuck me in my throat like a stone was the really lame reason behind it. She said “In a boy or girl’s school people tend to have homosexual relationship which is not normal” and in co-ed school they have the very popular and considered to be the finest “straight relationship” so that is the reason why she felt that parents should let their children join a co-ed school.hahahaha words of wisdom from the mouth of an “educated history teacher” who is teaching her students to be homophobic. It was pathetic day ever I felt like yelling at that teacher but I remained silent like a coward and there isn’t an excuse behind it. It couldn’t be worse than a teacher teaching her students the wrong things and the thing which hurts me more is the fact that she claims herself to be “I know everything” you students are dumb and ignorant creatures and this is the kind of education she is imparting. To see the world from unequal eyes. May someone bless her, not god because I don’t believe in him now and if you are homophobic then please don’t bare the burden of reading this post.