Monday, December 17, 2007


well Indian marriages are hell lot of fun..with lots of drama and shama.u must be thinking that i am copying raju srivastav of great indian laughter challenge.oh no he is just an inspiration :P.
well i have attended so many marriages no no i m not a priest.i love to attend marriage.whether you are rich or poor u cant ignore the free ka i m being cheap but thts wht indian marraiges are all about.looking good,having a nice food and yes nice place to gossip and gigle at lame jokes. some people like those dulhan ki sisters and all they are busy attracting boys or insulting the waiters.waiters r none the less they also take the full advantage of staring beautiful girls and dont talk about
the ladies hahahaha they are busy watching each other's sari and necklace and wondering that how rich she is? .the gents are more like casual people busy discussing the business related things.but let me tell you when it comes to EATING the fooD all are like so serious.and the most irritating thing of this marriage is to stand and eat with those hard to carry plates!and how can i forget the irritating children who are busy in thier own world.busy playing hide and seek and all stuffs and the sister of dulhan is like so showing off types.they will try to be nice,laughing at jokes which arent funny at all and staring at the waiters too.the bride and the bridegroom are busy passing fake smiles at people .its hell lot of a showoff but the fun thing is to watch those stupid people andthose who are trying to be cool but they act like fool.
no one can ignore those free items like >>>>ice ream,pudding,chowmin,cold drinks,shake! oopssss i forgot to describe the parents of bride and bridegroom.they are the only people who seems to be interested in the rituals of the wedding and others are busy peeping at each other's thing or food! and yes how can i forget those people who stare at each other's food plate and they ask "beta yeh pizza kaha se laya". hahahaha.dumb just look at yr own plate.!

Indian wedding is much like a laughter challenge


D said...

It's not called the Great Indian Wedding for nothing, you know!!

preksha said...

tumhare shaadi ka experience bata raha hai ki tumko sab caterers ka acha jankari ho gaya itna muft mein khana jo khaya hai....
bhagwaan kare tumko aise hi aur shaadiyoen ka nyota mile.........

but ur research is tooooooooo
must mention this.........keep up ur fun.......dude......[:D]

stephan said...

hey this is a kewl blog man

hmm u described indian marriages in this post


Sid said...

nice yaar souarv u made ur blog kewl.....nd u seem ta b a horror movie freak like

PSYCHO said...

wtever they be, but punjabi weddings rock!

Sid said...

gd collection man....nice posts u hav..keep writin such posts

mansi said...

nicely written...:)
bt u frgt to mention abt the pandit......;)
his conduct too is a scene worth watchin,,,,