Wednesday, December 12, 2007

on the verge of getting kidnapped!

well i want to share one real incident which occurred in my life. i shifted from my old house to a new place.i was new to the place,the environment and people and everything around me was new and i knew that it would take some time for me to adjust in this new place.i was somehow not liking it.i was missing my old buddies .i was spending my boring holidays by roaming here and there and to discover the new environment. one night as i was on the street looking here and there and walking weirdly and watching people going here and there so busy with their life and suddenly my eyes met with a strange gleamy eyes.he was a short man with beard on his face.he was middle aged and was fagging .he was standing quite far away from me not so far but yes there was a distance of about 10 metres away.he saw me and was continuously looking at me as if i m an alien or something.i ignored him and came to my home.

i didnt even remember that mani took that matter very lightly.but after 2-4 days i saw him again.i was so afraid because of the way he was staring at me and let me tell you all i have a negative thinking. i dont take things and people lightly though i m funny kind of person in my real life .He stared at me and i was walking quite fast so as to get my ass off from him.but he started following me and i became more furious.he was getting close to me and then i suddenly ran towards the bus stop in front of me.i saw one lady standing there and i told her that one guy is following me he heard that thing which i said to that old lady and he ran away.and thanks to god i safely went to my building .and did i mention that man was observing me very carefully.he stared at the shoes which i was wearing and where i was going.

After 15 or 16 days i went to the same street buy some of my school things and i saw him again.i was scared but i went to "puchka wala" who was very friendly to me.i told him about that guy.he was getting very aggressive he told me to take me through that i mentioned earlier i think to negatively and suddenly i thought if the puchka wala and the kidnapper may conspire against i went to my building hurridly and told my watchman about that man and the watchman told me that he [that middle aged man] and 3 more people tried to kidnap me.

but i am still confused about the thing that is it my sixth sense who saved me or my negative thinking or the way i observed people.


The Tentacles of Thought said...

Certain things
work upon your grammar.Your english needs improvement.
I understood what you tried to tell us but just narrate the incidnts better in future.
You are a bong.puchka wala says that.
No offense. I commented frankly.
And good that your sixth sense saved your butt.
P.S-u dont walk in the road,u walk on it.and u dont have beard in the cheeks.u hav on it.

?wildking? said...

you seriously need english lessons, but the way u tried was good and excellent work ;) tkcare