Friday, February 15, 2008


well when i started to blog.i thought that i will only discuss about some of my moments or my views on people and other things. i was not at all interested in poetry though i thought that it is very hard to try your hands on it.but guess what ! after posting some of the topics on various things like "marriages","my grandmother","tv show friends", i don't know what happened to me and then various sorts of poems started coming in my mind....and then i wrote 5 to 6 poems including 2 hindi poems too and now i read other's poem as well and now understand the feelings,the emotions which is portrayed behind "a poem".


Viraj said...

ya true...poem carries much deeper emotions in fewer words.

jope to hav more of ur poems soon. :)

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

when i startd writtin my blog i had no clue what i wanted to write. n for sumtime i wud struggle for a topic. now.. i jus post all the crap tht comes to my head..
i've not read ur poems.. but will surely do.. :)