Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The world is changing. people are changing. every new day has some stories to tell. someone died today someone is born today. someone got married today or someone lost his husband or wife today. someone scored the highest marks and someone failed with 2 or 3 marks.

Every new day has some stories to tell. but we people don’t have time to hear a single stories. we are busy in our work. our life and our joys and own cries. every story is linked with one another its more like puzzle if u can solve it u r the winner of a game called life and if u cant then u r the looser of a game called life. every day gives us some hint of the game we are playing. the hint of the story is difficult to find but not impossible task to do. every story has got twist and turns. joys and pain is what Is the game of life is all about. we are more interested in solving our own puzzle of the game called “life”. we think that our puzzle ,our story is the most difficult one to solve. but if we open our heart and brain and look at the people getting confused in difficult games then the pain of our story is small in front of their story. this is a game called life one should play leniently and carefully because each step can break several life as one story is linked with another.

the judge of this game is god. if u will play leniently and efficiantly u will go to a place called heaven and if u will play be cheating and stealing he will send u to a place known as hell. one thing is different about this game your game can be over anytime.no matter how good and how bad u play your game can be over now also.at last u will loose everything.the mother u loved,the money u earned,the house u owned so be prepared because this game is different from other game.be prepared to face your happy ending....!


The Tentacles of Thought said...

Wow....ur grammar is improvin dude...visible improvement nd i realy lyk ur blog nw...this post was also very thoughtful.....life is vry uncrtn..nd yes it is indeed a game...nd we are the players or we are the game and life plays with us.

Me said...

all was good except the judge of this game is god.

The judge is you and only you. Its you who is responsible for your deeds. act rationally and reasonably!

Vinod R Iyer said...

Nice blogspace u have here ..

Dont think too much about life .. Just live it up :)

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Chill out...
Use the same colour dude...dont keep changing the font colour