Thursday, December 27, 2007

Weirdo weirdo things happen in this weirdo weirdo world

Weirdo weirdo things happen in this weirdo weirdo world

God has given me the right to talk to myself….and I love to talk to myself and guess what though I talk to everyone in “hindi” but I talk to myself in English lol I think its absurdly funny….!

Talking about my servant oh..! he is another one….he laughs at his own lame jokes but one thing is really funny about him whenever I ask him to do some work he says “ok aur kuch” lol cant explain the way he says ok!

Whenever I walk on the streets I find woman staring at other woman… after all weirdo weirdo things happen in this weirdo world.

Hey baby was the such a crap movie but guess what I was sitting between one dumb guy and a lady who were enjoying the movie like hell. when they laughed at some “so called not at all funny scene” I looked at them and wonder that they are laughing for the first time…..i really hate this but some people seems to be so overjoyed in cinema halls.

I think bathroom is the best place in this earth where i feel so relaxed. when I am at bathroom there is a sense of tranquil atmosphere in bathroom but I am only comfortable at my own bathroom and yes I think to much when I am at my own bathroom. Please don’t take it in other sense :D

My maid servant who washes our clothes sings Bengali songs while washing the clothes.the way she shouts and sings I am like she will be the next Indian idol :D.

My tution sir also has the habbit of talking to himself……but what the heck this is something personal I mean talking to onself in front of anyone is like so insane.i was doing my maths sums and he was talking about some share market related things lol.

orkut is another weird world.some people are busy learning the new orkut tricks like send scraps to all and some are busy attending the threads and polls like "i have been nominated for mr sexy orkut" please vote for me.ok i m not here for social service so keep yr polls link within yrself.i once clicked on the link which says u can earn 1 lakh rs the site was full of crap thing which was beyond my knowledge.


Rahul Raje said...

nice work man...your language showcases maturity,
your writing genre has done justice with the subject of your blog!
keep it up !!!!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Lol....keep it up...i c u r vry observant.yes wierd things happen ...cupl of days back i saw a dog peeing on the road and nuthr dog staring at the pee nd occassionally sniffing it...hehe...or the instance when ppl who r too drunk to ur blog title spelling of experience is wrong.correct it.

Proneat said...

This ws really one wierd of a it did deliver the goods! wud luv 2 read a lil more of u!!

Standbymind said...

It is indeed weird weird world:) :)

nice read!!

Bizarre Kid said...

Weirdo post!! hehe! kidding man! Nice stuff you've got here

Sach said...

umm yes weired things do happen bt that makes life worth a laugh :)
in btw...even i talk 2 myself in english..he he..

hav a gr8 yr ahead!

Arwindh said...

a different post..
nice approach towards things...