Saturday, January 19, 2008

^blurry moments^

Some thoughts I would personally like to share,

Or maybe I would like to recall those reminiscences filled with joys and happiness with the absence of negativity in it.

The days I remember used to be as sunny as it is now but there was something more pleasant thing about it which is lacking now.

And I guess it is “ME” who has changed now but the days and nights are as same as they are now.

IT was me who used to play those pedo games, and it was also me who used to sleep early at nights and coming back to the present time it is again me who is busy tolerating those undigestable comments passed by the majority of morons and yes it is also me who is now capable of differentiating between the “rights and the “wrongs” .

But back to those golden old days of my childhood where everything was likes a dream.

The days were busy with sports no matter how good I played them or how many times I win and the nights were full of cartoon shows and kids stuff.

Small parties were celebrated with friends but there was a huge excitement beside the small parties which was an excuse to kill time.

I was ignorant of the powerful words such as “sex” and “love”.

Those are the moments which are not clear to me yet not ment to be forgotten.

Those are the “BLURRY MOMENTS” which is getting blurred as the days are passing.


*~*Tinkerbell Forever*~* said...
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*~*Tinkerbell Forever*~* said...

memories are important... they are one of those few things that keep u sane in this insane race of life... cherish them... cuz they're all there is! but its still important to hold ur ground and keep ur head on ur shoulder to face up to today!
a good read but very bluesy and nostalgic!

subramaniamthinks said...

nice one..
memories make the human different from animals..

Proneat said...
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Proneat said...

yeah dude...der r some silly lil things that do leave a nostalgia...
childhood is such an amazing phase of a happy life.. cheers 4 ya

Ps said...

True--trying to hld on to childhood memories is like trying to hold water or sand in your hands.They slip through.
We all grow up.

sunny_raju said...

Your blog remembered me of my child hood days... nicely written

S Ramanathan said...

memories....sometime tats all life is abt......

btw, where u get such great pics?

Pranay said...

ohh.. childhood! those carefree days, sans any complications which age brings with itself..
u made me miss those immensely enoyable times!!!