Friday, February 1, 2008


In the beginning everything was okay,

I was like bounded by the happiness from all side,

God made my life better because I was with you,

Because I was with you I forgot everyone,

I lost myself and found you in my heart,

In my heart you stayed from then on,

From then on I dreamt of you and me,

I dreamt of staying with you forever

On a deserted island away from the hosh and posh of this city,

Away from those creatures who envied watching us,

But the reality is full of painful truth,

I realized that I was living in a fake world made by you,

And today you are with someone who maybe better than me,

Who may be better than me but you told me someday “I was the best for you”,

Someday and now today those air promises are disturbing my mind,

It’s good that I learnt something from this life,

Ignore those things, which aren’t true,

Ignore those people, who came and went like a guest,

Showing me the world of fake promises they made,

I ignored our relationship like it was our journey through a fake world,

But now I am living a real life and had enough of sweet lies.


Viraj said...

u conveyed ur feelings well.
but thre wre a few lines like " hosh and posh of this city"- this kind of usage doesnt sound well in a poem. u cud hav used some better words. thre is alwaz scope for improvement. isnt it?

otherwise the poem conveyed d mssg well and shows how reality is very much diff frm the wonderful world of dreams.

S Ramanathan said...

nice writing!...but yeh..some words here and there dint go well with the rest of the stuff..keep writing!

and i always love ur image-font color cominations..!