Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what the fuck? :X

things which really makes me wanna say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

the door bell……I think door bell is my enemy…whenever my mood is to chill ax and to enjoy by listening to all the sad,sentimental and slow songs my pc has…..then someone indecently keeps on ringing the bell…….fuck fuck fuck

and then I say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

after attending lots of boring class of physics,biology and chemistry I reach home and my head pains like hell….as if someone is dancing on my head and yes the heavy bag is on my shoulder…..i m tired I want to sleep I want to sleep (voices in my head) says so.

And when I reach home guess what happens mom says, "your sir came to teach you" change yr clothes and study

And then I say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

OK WHEN MY MOOD is to relax and watch a nice movie on the sofa …all I do is turn off the lights, keep the tv remote beside the pillow,then I lie on the sofa and cover myself with a warm blanket..and yes as u have already guessed something terrible happens to annoy me…the bloody phone rings……and I have to be pleasant on the phone by saying “hi hello””I m fine” stuffs like that……and after keeping the phone I say “WHAT THE FUCK”?

When my computer restarts automatically then it really annoys me,when someone says those cheap hindi slangs I feel like punching their face but I do know how to control my anger

In the end I control my anger by saying “WHAT THE FUCK”

Make sure that u don’t get addicted to this word after reading my post


S Ramanathan said...

sometimes u r doing nothing at all and u dunno wat to do, and u say wat the fuck??..!

dont worry, shit happens. :)

Vinodh said...

i'm already your advice goes in vain :p

Swarnadeep Chatterjee said...

I think computer getting restarted is the most annoying of all.

Arwindh said...

rebooting PCs could be annoying..xtck

The Tentacles of Thought said...

well this onez my latest post>>>
thought i shud put it here....

I wake up - Look in the mirror-A hideous face-
What the fuck?
Switch on the lights-Get blinded-Shield my eyes-
What the fuck?
Pick up the brush-Turn on the tap-No water-
What the fuck?
Try to shit-Constipated-Teary eyes-
What the fuck?
I get dressed-Wrinkled clothes-Pisses me off-
What the fuck?
I set out-Car passes by-Splashes mud on my tie-
What the fuck?
Bus arrives-I can't get in-Onlookers laugh-
What the fuck?
Reach college-Find buddy-Snogging my girl - In the foliage-
What the fuck?
Class starts-Partner farts-Everyone laughs at me-
What the fuck?
Time crawls by- On one leg-Bouncers aplenty-
What the fuck?

Ain't worth a fuck.
Not a fuck.
Yeah you suck.
What the fuck.

Shayan said...

yeah so....

What the Fuck

but but but

u can also say....what the phook(with a slight British accent)

The Jester said...
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The Shmoo said...

hey, you just need to sell your phone, leave your house and quit education... there! problem solved.

Sid said...

ur rite dude...all dese instances happen vid me also...neways u now hav a b'full blog.....keep it goin

Reems said...

Ditto @ door bell and restarting of computer.
I am managing with What The Hell,as of now :|