Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am crying but I don’t know for what

Maybe for the things I lost or harass comments I got

Tears are falling like the water falls in the lakes

But the reason for my crying is still a mystery

Maybe I m crying for the fact that I m missing someone

But who is that someone in my life who makes me wanna cry?

Is it the child who lost his home in an unexpected incident

Or is it the woman who lost her very own son?

But why am I crying for the person who is not in my life?

The answer I got was nothing

But I m crying for someone who is not known to me

I am crying and the tears are falling behind

But the answer is still a mystery which I cant find…!


The Tentacles of Thought said...

Lovely simple and effective
see that u dnt gt drownd in ur tears...hehe
btw i hope u dint mind me crrcting ur errors the last cupl of tyms.if u do then plz tell me.i don wanna hurt u.reply here itself.

sourav said...

why will i mind.....!

tell me now wht is wrong in my post :D

The Tentacles of Thought said...

the line shud be
Is it the child who lost his family in an unexpected accident/incident

sourav said...


u r my english teacher :P

by the way plz read the eyes poem

Me said...

Nice poem.
a bit negative though. try to write positivistic.

Amit Vibhuti said...
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Amit Vibhuti said...

Heart Touching :)