Saturday, March 8, 2008


Some sought of pain roused out of my soul

It wasn’t the pain in love

Neither was the pain of losing someone

It was the pain of loneliness

Yes it was the pain of being alone

Alone in the dark and under the little shade of inorganic things

I was living a life of solitude

I was now captivated to this usual life

Darkness became my friend and solitude my life

But the pain was still there inside

I forgot to prospect anything from this life

Solitude taught me to be within myself and within the darkness with the little beam of light,

Those little beam of light were the light of hopes,

Trying to eradicate the darkness from my life,

But darkness was everywhere,

Unaffected by the little beam of light.

Some amount of happiness was expected from this life

But solitude taught me to live a dark life……!!


Dragon said...

nice post...but am not an ardent reader of poems or verses of kind..but i guess u got sme real stuff in it

Kenny said...

really deep n intense thoughts u've penned down, nice use of words...really nice. keep writing!!

Sruthy said...

great work dude...Really very touching one..

Sruthy said...

Great work dude..touching one..

Deepak said...

Actually i love solitude...
It is not a pain for me...

manorath said...

i love being alone and myself.. it has taught many things.. also it makes one capable of doing anythin on his own..

nice to see someone learning to live alone..

Anonymous said...

Make solitude your best friend...Learn to be yourself and enjoy yourself!! Bcas there isnt always that there are people with you!! and the best company you can give yourself is yourself!!!