Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tired of riding the same old ride

Tired of wearing the false smile to hide my real face

Tired of walking through the same old lane

Tired of talking to oneself like an insane

Oh god! Hold me I am falling now

Help me I am pleading for some change now

Little change to bring back my old smile

The smile, which was lost somewhere in the web of the time

Time took away the smile

And gave away this usual old life,

Oh god! I am wishing for some miracle to happen in my exhausting life

Or waiting for some angel to step into my life

Pleading for the change

Asking for help

Hold me I am falling now.


abymittal said...

hey saurabh..u r a mate..u have impressed me...indeed..paane ko bhi bohat kuch hai...stay in touch!!

SambY said...

sahi me yaar.... gr8!!

manorath said...

a powerful prayer written with devotion.. i wish u get what u want..

rick chatterbox said...

3 words WHAT A POEM!!!
thats all i have can say