Friday, October 16, 2009


One of the most sophisticated and interesting award function which I have seen in India, not in reality but on television was GQ MEN of the year award show. It was an award show filled with people from every sphere, be it sports, fashion, art, politics and of course bollywood. And what was amusingly surprising was that the award show was filled with humor and the people present maintained their dignity by not pulling each other’s leg or by giving boring speeches like “thank god, thanks my dog” etc but there were all in a mood to have a good fun. And the people getting the award were all deserving candidates. This is one of the least award function were you get to see the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mr. Omar Abdullah making the audiences laugh through his humorous speech and of course the chandler bing of politics Mr. Shashi Tharoor also managed to win the heart by delivering a nice speech. Not to forget the ndtv journalist Srinivasan Jain was also given the award for his excellence in the field of journalism. I remember that guy was present 24x7 in front of the television box giving us the latest updates from 26/11 attack that took place last year in Mumbai. The poor guy didn’t even get the chance to change his shirt for two-three days. Now that’s what I call real Journalism! The bachaans were seated behind Omar Abdullah, saif bebo didn’t leave this stage also to flaunt their love life (as their new film qurbaan is on the verge of being released) Abhay Deol, (my fav actor) got the first award of his life and he was thrilled to receive it. It was a wonderful event filled with humour and sophistication, you can see the award show on you tube or can wait for it to be aired on STAR WORLD.

I manage to see almost all the interviews possible of all the people. I love watching interviews. It really shows if a person is politically correct, blunt or not and yea dumb or not. If you will notice the interviews you will see most of the celebrities will have the same answer to every question. ASK a female celebrity whom see had a crush on? She will say Sharukh Khan; you know why Sharukh because every actress wants to work with him so as to grab the position of No 1 queen of bollywood which is all media speculated stuffs. Ask a male celeb, whom he had a crush on? He will say madhuri dixit.Now; I don’t know why madhuri but answers are all same. Ask celebs about nudity? The females will say no-no because they are image struck actress and you can’t expect them to be like nandita das or seema biswas who are ready to showcase their soul in celluloid. The male celebs are now flaunting it, but more then showing it they are just talking about it. The clever madhur bhandarkar publicized about Neil Nitin getting nude for his film and then he pixilated the nude scene in order to grab both the audiences of both under 18 and above. The film industry is also like politics. You will get a prepared answer for all questions, and the worst of all answers is when asked about playing a homosexual role. They all will say I don’t want it to be a gay-bashing film I want it to be more like Brokeback Mountain because they all know no one is going to come up with such bold script to them because Indian Actors are less about performance and more about how good or bad their Image is in the public. That’s why you see such disastrous film coming up with no experimental cinema. But times are changing. Its time that yash raj also realist that every movie has to have a good script in order to run in box office. We had enough of Punjab and NRI people. Now people like bhardawaj, kashyap and akhtar’s are going to rule the Indian cinema. Till then let’s hum the songs of wake up Sid!! Haha.

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K∂riиє* said...

I love interviews,but I hate spech so much,they are all the same and if you saw something new of it,you are a luck and patient guy ! hahahaha