Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wake Up and Watch the movie!!

Wake Sid is certainly the most beautiful film of the year. The film as you know is about a boy refusing to wake up until he meets a girl who changes his life. The concept of “opposite attracts” is so beautifully shown in the movie that yes you can now puke on to the posters of movies like kambaqt ishq and all (though I haven’t seen the movie). Konkana Sen Sharma can adapt herself to any character. You can’t challenge that acteress.She has made a position for herself in the industry. Ranbir Kapoor was almost perfect in the movie, there isn’t a minute you feel that he is playing a character instead you think Ranbir is like Siddhart (the main character in the movie) in real life too. And yes I like Supriya Patak and it was really good to see her playing Ranbir’s Mom in the movie. Okay, now the best part of the movie is the director of the movie Ayan Mukherjee. The debutant director has captured all the small things of life that makes it beautiful. I mean the waves, the rain, the smile and used various other things to make the movie more youthful and larger than life. The best part is the art direction, cinematography, acting music and Ayan’s direction. The director himself is so good looking that he could have also played Sid. The songs of the movie are simply amazing. O re Manwa is the best melodious song of the year for me. And it has one romantic English song which is great too.Ok I suppose I am all praising for the movie because the movie is very fresh and “stylish” as you can term it in its own ways. It’s better than Jane tu ya Jane Na because the plot of this movie makes sense. So don’t forget tom watch this movie.

The promo of the new movie Qurbaan looks good. The movie has an interesting plot but I have seen a movie like qurbaan and surprisingly that too on national geographic channel. The movie is about a man falling in love with a girl and the girl doesn’t know the man is out there to destroy twin towers of America. It was a film showing how they plotted against 9/11. I bet the film will be similar to that movie but kareena is looking stunning in black and the music of the movie is good. The sex scenes as shown from the promo are shot esthetically. I hope there would be some movie in Indian cinema where the directors would try to push the envelope and shoot sex scenes with sensuality because there is not a single movie in Indian Cinema where sex is portrayed in an esthetic manner because they fear the censor board would give them A certificate which would not allow the under 18 people to watch the movie.

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