Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Idiots - Review.

Since People couldn’t keep their mouth shut by praising about the movie “Three Idiots” therefore curiously I went to watch the movie. The hall was empty because I went to watch it after 1 month the movie got released. But my bad luck is that I always sit beside people who act so excitingly and laugh-out-loud at such lame jokes that I am forced to believe that they have never been to cinema hall but then again I shouldn’t be so harsh with my words because theatre hall creates an environment which makes you want to forget everything and live the movie. The movie started of well with Sharman Joshi, R Madhavan and The chatur guy (whose real name I don’t know) searching for Amir Khan. Then the story takes a flashback and shows the college life of the three idiots in the movie. Amir Khan was again acting like pop philosopher in the movie. His character was too white to digest. Screenplay, Direction and Cinematography is what makes the movie so good. Shimla, Manali and other hilly places were looking just wonderful in the movie. Also not to forget the acting of Boman Irani and Chatur guy made people laugh. The weak point of the movie is hard to find but I guess sometimes it’s too illogical. The scene where Amir calls Boman Irani “murderer” and the delivery of the baby with the help of a vacuum cleaner is too much of cliché. The film if you will notice carefully is a mixture of Taare Zameen Par and Munna Bhai M.b.b.s. We see the same Amir from Tzp lecturing about his ideas of education and then we see the prankster Sanjay Dutt from Munna Bhai doing whatever he wishes to in an institution where people with brilliant marks and brains study. On the whole, it’s an enjoyable movie but certainly not that great. Kareena Kapoor doesn’t have much to offer in the movie except her geeky look. A family entertainer and a clever movie giving social message as well as sticking to the same commercial genre of Bollywood Film. I am not telling you to watch this movie because you all must have seen it by now. I am also not saying is “All is Well” because I feel like a moron when I say it.
The promo of Love, Sex aur Dhoka looks really good.Looking forward to watch Ishqiya nexttttt!!

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aharna said...

certainly agree wd u.........its nt dat gr8 yeah at tyms it helps u 2 take ur mynd out of d box...& njoyn it.........well i believe d buk was kinda bettr.............

& taking abt amir khan.......its been d same kinda movie he's gvn.......lyk tzp @ 1st.dn dis movie filld wd lectures........which r basically mpractical..........coz dese nt gonna wrk n 2days generation......nspyt f d fact dat wateva he spoke s true!!!!!