Friday, July 30, 2010

The 'Reality' Of Reality Shows?

Reality shows in India have undoubtedly produced many Paris Hiltons and Taylor Hicks. Some so called reality shows which promises to 'hunt out fresh talents' are mocking at the sensibility of audiences by adding their money making schemes to it. The list of growing reality shows in India are eternal and endless - He got talent, she got moves, The couple can dance, the kid can cry well. Its an over-dramatized version of the saas bahu saga which get into your nerves every time you watch it.
Yesterday when the news came that "Dimpy Ganguly walked out of Rahul Mahanjan's home" I didn't react at all. But then I wanted to laugh at their onscreen misery by watching headlines on hindi news channels saying "do dilo ka milan" "shaddi ka attut bandan tut gaya" and the english ones claim that "Mahajan is a wife beater".

It shows how reality and media have both forgotten their "creativity" in the midst of searching for other fresh talent. Of course everything is about business and politics. you cant eradicate it from human race but with such things also come "Social Responsibility". While some people who participate in such shows thinking that they have got the talent, are shown their way to home because they cant contribute much votes which the show needs, so they are forced to do "emotional drama" and "other unwanted" things to win over the sensibility of our audiences.There are shows where the participants are more talented than the judges and they have to bear public humiliation which can have a deep psychological impact on a person and its family. Kids on the other hand are introduced to "strong competition" and "jealousy" while their parents are busy fetching lump-sum money from the producers.

Media and Reality-shows cannot be blame at all. Indeed, entertainment sells and we gain pleasure from seeing abuses, fights, emotional drama. Audiences love the very idea of "voyeurism" and it sells throughout the world but then again if it continues to be like that than instead of producing true people we will have more Rakhi Sawants and Mahanjan to clown around in India Media and at the end of the day filling their pocket with money by trading their self respect.
Even Mtv has produced twits like "Raghu" who the younger ones admire because they think by asking a guy his bedroom secrets and a girl her past boyfriends, he is being blunt and straight-forward, but he is actually being a businessman by entertaining the audiences while advocating "voyeurism".
Now the Indians have dared to step in shows like Sach ka Samna, where you will paid to speak the truth. Ah! the world has come to stage where money matters the most, the on-screen reality as we all know is the remix of fiction+reality where there are millions waiting to advertise their nautanki, by participating in "talented show".what an oxymoron!

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Roshni said...

I could not have agreed with you more on this....I think you have hit the nail on the head.....Indian audiences are also like that only na ...after all this Mahajans and Sawants are clowning around only because they are fetching money to themselves and the producers...Indian audiences are lapping up every bit of this stupid reality shows by both hands....its a classic situtaion of Demand and Supply ....Market meeting the demands of consumers!