Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Those eyes are like the mirror of one’s heart

Showing me something which is not visible to all

Showing me the truth which is trapped in the corner of one’s heart

Showing me the seduction which is filled in those eyes

Searching for someone to fulfill the need of that very gloomy eyes.

Looking at me to reply through eye to eye

I passed the silent smile and then left the rest of the things on the mirror of heart better known as eyes to reply....!


Mahesh Chauhan said...

Nice Poem dear n Nice blog too.....keep it up....N Very Happy new year to u..Hv Fun

Anuj said...

Well... this a nice poem
What I think u got mesmerised by those blue eyes. Those eyes are really enticing.
Well... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008

looking ahead to be ur good friend>>>>

-- anujjha



Shayan said...

hmm...good stuff

nice poem & oh

4gt 2 tell ya "Happy New Year"

Jshree said...

Short n sweet :).. Happy new yr!

Sach said...

"eyes" well written!

S Ramanathan said...

hey. pics are too good....noce blog..:)

Sid said...

very nice yaar.....ur blog is improvin day by day...keep it up

Arwindh said...

good one...