Tuesday, March 18, 2008


before posting this poem which is close to my heart.i want to tell that i have learnt something from this life.don't take things for granted.the person you are with today,the thoughts you have for someone,may change for a second.time is god.time can change anything and everything.
and don't think that this poem is about me getting betrayed in love and all.it seems like one,but this poem is all about when you expect something else from a person and the result is just the opposite...............................!!

There were days and nights were I was thinking how fortunate I was, to have you,
I was laughing on my own, talking to myself about how blessed and fortunate I was to have you, in my life
I made some promises, to keep you jovial throughout this life, because you were my life, my reason for the smile
There were days and nights when you had great amount of admiration in my life
But how brilliantly everything changed within 24 hours of time,
The next day something happened which was unprecedented and unbelievable for me
You raised the finger on me with the stain of deceiving you
But those hard words you said, reflected the thoughts you had for me
Those Words killed the admiration I had for you,
How can I believe that it was you the other day who were the reason of my smile
And it is now you who are the reason of my silent cries
The promises took a second to fade away from my fragile heart
Those words, changed my life, those promises took a second to fly
Time played brilliantly the game of life,
My heart became numb, hatred was to be loved, and I forgot the meaning of trust
You were the only reason of my smile
But time took a nice revenge from me and changed the path of my life


Arjun said...

Out of the top draw ....
really liked it ....
Just deal with life as it comes ...
Don know wat else to say...
Keep Posting...


manorath said...

i would suggest the title "My lost reason".. well, i didn't think much for the title as am in a hurry now..

life has to move on.. and the prob comes when we refuse to keep pace

a new philosopher is born said...

love for love sake is more beautiful, than love for lover's sake. keep loving.

Pranay said...

u expressed the sentiments nicely.. the poem felt even nicer towards the end..
keep it up

Rashi V said...

Seriously never take anything for granted!!!

Loved the ending!! :)

Matangi Mawley said...

a gr8 feel!

C R D said...

nice poem..even though there were a few grammatical errors, you beautifully brought out ur feelings in words..u mustve felt let down and betrayed, not just by her, but by urself too, no?

keep writing


stephan said...

its good

keep up the good work

Roshni said...

I liked this poem of yours very much as it shows the very humane side of all of us,u have dealt with this in quite a matured way. My blog address is www.expressit-roshni.blogspot.com