Sunday, March 16, 2008


Every damn thing is now overrated. When I want to watch TV then every news channel is showing sharukh khan.,I like sharukh but too much of everything is really not good.and this is in fact true that sharukh is more popular than our prime minister of India,manmohan singh. Forget about those saas bahu sagas they seems to be a never ending issue and the latest trend is reality show. this is soooooo overrated. Every damn channel is launching one or two reality show on singing talent. Let me tell you we don’t want so many singers in our country. :P and the worst thing about this reality show is playing with the emotions of people by creating lame publicity stunts.fuck..we need some break .well but that doesn’t mean tv is an idiot box.i love tv and I watch old shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,tu tu main main,alife laila :D.

Ok now time to talk about “love”. Love is so so so overrated. if you will meet any person the first thing they will ask you is “do you have any gf”?when you will visit anyone’s profile on orkut then there will be one emo pic sad, alone just because they didn’t get their love. There are so many things other than love. I mean love your friends, family and please don’t show off how sad your life is because no one gives a damn to your feeling in a virtual world like orkut.

Kareena-saif,chak de India,tare zameen par, reality shows ,SRK, love, all things are overrated.

Try something new and quit being involved in overrated things.


sunny_raju said...

hmm ur right abt media overrating all issues for TRP check my blog abt yellow journalism :)

C R D said...

yup...ur right

right now i think the most overrated thing..rather people are the cricketers who got sold in the IPL [:P]

gunj said...

tv watchin seems to me like makin a fool of my ownself!!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


nice post
agree with u on each point
everythin is over rated
n ppl make it soo


vanilla sky said...

well, i wont call chak de & tzp overrated,its just that when some film is not run of the mill type , people clamour for it!

agreed on the others!

manorath said...

it really annoys me when the same face stares at me chasing me as i use the remote control to run.. love IS over rated.. i would also say, many are obsessed with this.. even i was sometime back..

Matangi Mawley said...

frustration shows in every word!
so true!

asit dhal said...

ya u r right....everything is overrated...talent,emotion....

now a talent hunt sells more than anything.